Passenger Locator Form for Italy

What is the Passenger Locator Form for Italy

Passenger Locator Form for Italy is an online health declaration that must be individually completed by every incoming visitor to Italy prior to their arrival by any means of transport.

The Italian Government requires every traveller to complete this form to help in contact tracing of any possible infections. PLFs help reduce the Covid-19 rates within countries, therefore serving as an additional safety measure for health authorities.

The Italian dPLF is easily accessible online since the Passenger Locator Form is part of the Digital PLF system. Travellers who plan a trip to Italy should spare a few minutes when preparing for the trip to complete this form online.

passenger locator form italy

Who needs to complete the Italian PLF

Every person visiting Italy must complete the Italian dPLF. Each traveller must have their own copy of the completed form upon arrival.

Children should be added to the applications made by their parents or legal guardians. In such a case, it’s the responsibility of the adult completing the form to provide accurate and up-to-date information of the underage person they apply for.

When should I submit my form

The Italian Digital Passenger Locator Form should be completed with the required data before departing to Italy.

It’s best to complete the form 3 days before leaving for the planned trip to allow proper processing time.

Remember that to properly fill out the Italian dPLF, you must have all the essential details about your trip to Italy, e.g., a flight and seat number when going to Italy by air. Make sure that you have everything that’s needed before starting the application process.

PLF Italie

How to complete the Italian dPLF

To complete the Italian dPLF prepare the essential details of your upcoming trip to Italy and with that information on hand start the process by:

  1. Entering your personal details into the form
  2. Providing the details of your means of transport
  3. Providing all essential information of your trip to Italy (including the address for the stay, planned dates of arrival)
  4. Type in your contact information (current email address and phone number)
  5. Add your travel companions
  6. Provide basic information about your emergency contact


Make sure to submit a form containing correct data. Mistakes in the given information may result in issues with entering Italy or your PLF being processed on time.

PLF Italy

After applying

After submitting your application online, wait for a confirmation email to be delivered.

The email will contain a PDF confirmation of completing the Digital Italian Passenger Locator Form for your trip, as well as a special QR code.

Once you receive this document, double-check all the information to make sure your personal details, as well as the details of your upcoming trip to Italy are correct.

If every piece of information is correct, print it out or save as an electronic copy to one of your devices.

Appropriate Italian health or border authorities will check if you have your confirmation of PLF completion and will scan your QR code upon entering the country.