Ireland Passenger Locator Form

What is the Irish Covid-19 Passenger Locator Form

The Irish Covid-19 Passenger Locator Form is an online health and travel declaration that’s now an obligatory document for anyone planning to visit Ireland during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you plan on visiting Ireland soon, register your trip within 72 hours of the planned arrival and provide the Irish Government with the essential details of your visit, as well as your personal and contact details.

This will help the Irish Government in managing the Covid-19 situation within the country and get in touch with anyone possibly infected with Covid while reaching Ireland.

The Irish PLF is easily available online following a few simple steps and providing the required data using any preferred device to do so.

irish passenger locator form

Who needs to complete it

The Irish PLF must be completed by every person who plans on visiting Ireland during the ongoing pandemic.

Separate forms should be completed for all adult travellers while underage passengers should be included in the forms completed by their parents or legal guardians.

There are a few exceptions to the obligation of completing the Irish PLF, e.g., for drivers of a heavy goods vehicle, travellers with a diplomatic privilege, or certain international transport workers.

Other than that, not completing the Irish PLF by travellers is considered an offence by the Irish Government punished with fines or even imprisonment.

When should I fill out the Irish PLF

The Irish Passenger Locator Form should be filled out within 72 hours of the intended date and time of arrival in Ireland.

Please note! The form cannot be completed earlier than 72 hours of arrival since all the data provided in the form must be relevant and up-to-date for the Irish Government to be considered valid.

irish passenger locator form

How to fill out the Irish PLF

To fill out the Irish PLF, use your phone, laptop, PC, or other device connected to the internet, and start the process by:

  1. Entering the required data in the online form (personal and contact details, travel information, such as flight number, address for the stay in Ireland, vaccination/test-related details, etc.)
  2. Covering the fees (that can be done using multiple methods of online payment available)
  3. Checking your email box

Please remember that the data entered into the Irish Passenger Locator Form must be correct and relevant. Before submitting the form for approval, make sure that the data you have entered does not contain any mistakes

ireland locator form

After applying

After applying, the Irish Government will process your online application and issue a PDF confirmation.

The confirmation of having completed the Passenger Locator Form for Ireland is delivered to every traveller onto their email inbox in the form of a PDF file.

The received confirmation can easily be downloaded, printed out, or simply kept in an electronic form to be presented when crossing the Irish border or when boarding the aircraft/during check-out at the airport in one’s country of departure.

Make sure that you have the confirmation of completing the Irish PLF to avoid getting fined or even imprisoned by the Irish border officials.