The United Kingdom Passenger Locator Form

What is the UK Passenger Locator Form

The United Kingdom Passenger Locator Form is an online health and travel registration that’s mandatory for all adult travellers planning to visit the United Kingdom by any means of transport.

The UK PLF should be completed within 72 hours of the planned arrival or boarding (for those arriving by ferry).

The Passenger Locator Form for the UK is available completely online and requires travellers to provide basic information regarding their personal details, travel details, passport data, vaccination/testing information, travel history, and health status.

Completing the form is done entirely online and is followed by a unique QR code being generated for every traveller. The PDF confirmation of completing the form along with the required for entry QR code is delivered to travellers via email.

You must have your QR code prepared before arriving into the United Kingdom to enter the country smoothly.

The United Kingdom Passenger Locator Form

Who needs to complete the UK PLF

The United Kingdom Passenger Locator Form must be completed separately by every adult traveller wishing to visit the United Kingdom. Adult means 18 or older when you plan to enter the United Kingdom or 16 for those planning a trip specifically to Scotland.

Underage travellers should be included in the forms of their parents or legal guardians if they plan on staying under the same address while in the UK.


Some travellers may be exempt from completing the UK PLF, including visitors from:

  • The UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • The Republic of Ireland
  • The Channel Islands
  • The Isle of Man
  • Ukraine
  • Russia

When should you fill out the United Kingdom PLF

The UK PLF should be filled out within 72 hours of the planned arrival to the country. Such a short period of time required to complete the form ensures the UK Government that the details you provide will be up-to-date and as accurate as possible.

Complete your UK PLF within 72 hours of the planned arrival with the required data to receive your PDF confirmation and a unique QR code for entry via email on time.

How to fill out the UK PLF

Before starting the process of completing the UK PLF, make sure that you have:

  • A valid passport/ID
  • A vaccination certificate/negative Covid-19 test result
  • Your travel details, including the address for the stay in the UK


Now using your phone, laptop, or another working electronic device, complete the UK PLF with the required data, answering the form’s questions and filling out the blank fields.

Before submitting the form for processing, check your completed form thoroughly to make sure every piece of information provided is correct.

Next, submit your form and cover the service fee using any method of online payment of choice.

After applying

After applying, travellers who have completed the UK PLF online will receive a PDF confirmation directly onto their email inboxes.

The PDF confirmation will contain a unique QR code for each traveller, which must, later on, be presented upon boarding and on arrival to be able to enter the United Kingdom during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.