Check-MIG Colombia

What is the Check-MIG form for Colombia

The Check-MIG form for Colombia is an online travel registration that must be completed by every person who plans on crossing the Colombian border whether to leave or enter the country.

The Check-MIG form also acts as an additional safety measure introduced during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic thanks to the short health questionnaire that needs to be completed when filling out the Check-MIG form.

Providing the required personal, contact, travel, and health-related details helps the Colombian Government in keeping the general public safe, as well as allows for smooth border processes during the pandemic.

Complete your Colombian Check-MIG online within 24 hours of the intended time of arrival at the Colombian border and leave or enter the country smoothly!

check mig Colombia form

Who needs to complete the Check-MIG form

The Check-MIG form must be completed by every person who wishes to cross the Colombian border, no matter if their plan is to leave or enter the country.

Appropriate authorities will be checking if you have completed the Check-MIG form before crossing the borders.

Fill out your form within 24 hours of the planned date and time of crossing the border to ensure your trip will come with no issues.

When should I fill out my Check-MIG form

The Colombian Government stipulates that the Check-MIG forms should be filled out within 24 hours up to maximally one hour of the planned arrival at the Colombian border.

It’s best to fill out the Check-MIG form 24 hours of the planned border crossing to avoid any additional stress of handling the necessary documents at the very last minute.

Your information provided on such short notice will be granted to be up-to-date and relevant for the health authorities of Colombia.

Adhere to the required time of completing the Colombian Check-MIG application.

Check MIG Colombia

How to apply for the Check-MIG form online

To apply for the Colombian Check-MIG form online, make sure that you have:

  • An active email address
  • A phone, laptop, or any other device with an internet connection
  • All the essential details of your trip to or from Colombia


Now, start the application process by:

  1. Carefully providing the required data (personal information/travel details – border point to be used, way of travel, date and time of travel, flight-related information, intended time of crossing the Colombian border/passport details/contact information)
  2. Answer a few health-related questions (such as your current health status, any Covid-19 symptoms, or quarantine-related details)
  3. Check the given information to ensure correctness
  4. Submit your form
  5. Cover the service fee

Colombia entry form


After applying

Following the submission of your completed Colombian Check-MIG, an email confirmation will be delivered to your email inbox.

Download the received confirmation, save it in an electronic form (or print it out) to be able to present it to the border officials when crossing the Colombian border.

TIP! It’s best to have both – an electronic and paper form of your completed Colombian Check-MIG form, just in case.

Don’t forget about other documents required for visiting Colombia, such as a valid passport and in some cases a visa.