The Cyprus Flight Pass

What is the Cyprus Flight Pass

The Cyprus Flight Pass is an obligatory-to-fill online health and travel declaration that’s required to be completed by all air travellers within 48 hours of their planned arrival in Cyprus.

Completed Cyprus Flight Passes are checked before boarding one’s aircraft. Not having a printed confirmation of completing the Cyprus Flight Pass may result in not getting permission to board the plane to Cyprus.

The form is easily accessible online and requires travellers to provide their personal, contact, travel, flight, health, and vaccination/recovery/testing details.

Complete your Cyprus Flight Pass form online within 48 hours (not earlier) and receive a PDF confirmation of completion via email.

The Cyprus Flight Pass

Who needs to complete it

The Cyprus Flight Pass is an obligatory document for all incoming travellers to the Republic of Cyprus during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Travellers who do not complete the Cyprus Flight Pass online before departure may be refused to board the aircraft going to Cyprus.

The Cypriot Government implemented the Cyprus Flight Pass requirement to help keep track of any possible Covid-19 cases within the country and to, therefore, keep the general public safe.

When should I fill my Cyprus Flight Pass form out

The Cyprus Flight Pass must be completed within 48 hours of the planned arrival in Cyprus. Do not start filling out your Cyprus Flight Pass form earlier since the Cypriot Government requires for all data provided to be relevant and up-to-date.

Some travellers may need to provide their testing information, while the PCR tests should be taken within 72 hours of arrival and antigen tests within 24 hours of arrival.

Keep that in mind before completing the Cyprus Flight Pass form. It’s best to also check the current entry requirements applicable when visiting Cyprus during the Covid-19 pandemic since they may be changed without prior notice according to the situation.

Cyprus Flight Pass

How to fill out the Cyprus Flight Pass form

To fill out the Cyprus Flight Pass form you will need: an internet connection, any working device to complete the process, active email address, and the details of your trip to Cyprus.

Fill out the Cyprus Flight Pass form by entering the following required data into the online declaration:

  • Personal Details (such as your name, surname, nationality, date of birth, and address)
  • Contact Details (phone number and email address)
  • Travel Information (address for the stay in Cyprus, dates of arrival and departure, etc.)
  • Flight Details (flight and seat number, airline name, country of departure, arrival airport)
  • Health Certificate Information (details of your health certificate – vaccination/recovery certificate, EU certificate or other)


Double-check the given information to ensure it’s error-free and read and agree to a few health, testing, and quarantine-related consents and declarations.

Once that’s done submit your form for processing.

After applying

After applying for the Cyprus Flight Pass form, travellers receive an email containing a PDF confirmation of completing the Cypriot Passenger Locator Form.

Download the received file and print it out for the planned travel. Appropriate officials will be checking your confirmation prior to boarding the aircraft and upon your arrival in the Republic of Cyprus.