German Passenger Locator Form

German Passenger Locator Form

German Passenger Locator Form is a Digital Registration on Entry to Germany, which is an obligatory-to-fill online declaration for anyone visiting Germany from a high-risk area country (or after staying in a high-risk area country).

Travellers who have (within the last 10 days) visited a risk area, i.e., any country that has a high Covid risk or is an area of a variant of concern, must complete the Digital Registration on Entry before their visit to Germany.

There are a few exceptions for completing the form, e.g., upon visiting Germany on transit, but the exceptions available do not apply to those who have visited an area of variants of concern.

Travellers planning a trip to Germany must check which countries are now considered a risk by the German Government and fill out a Passenger Locator Form online whenever needed.

German Passenger Locator Form

What is the German Passenger Locator Form

The German Passenger Locator Form (or Digital Registration on Entry) is an online travel declaration that can be completed using any working device connected to the internet.

German PLF is easily available online and requires travellers to provide their personal information, contact details, information on the planned trip to Germany, current health status, and most importantly a list of recently visited countries.

Who needs to complete the German PLF

All travellers, regardless of their age, must have a confirmation of the completed German Digital Registration on Entry (German PLF) when visiting Germany after staying in a risk area country.

In the case of children, it is the obligation of the parent or legal guardian to complete the form on behalf of their children.

Please note! Check if the countries you have visited within the last 10 days are classified as high-risk. If not, you are not obliged to fill out the German PLF.

When should I fill out the German PLF

It’s best to fill out the German PLF within 72 hours of the planned departure to Germany. You will need to provide all the essential details of your upcoming trip to Germany.

Do not apply if you don’t have all the required details for your trip.

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How to fill out the German PLF

To fill out the German PLF, prepare the list of countries you have visited within the last 10 days, the details of your planned trip to Germany, your passport/ID/or other travel document, and start completing the form by:

  1. Entering your personal details (name, surname, date of birth, passport/ID details, etc.)
  2. Entering your contact details (phone number and email address)
  3. Providing a list of previously visited countries (within the last 10 days)
  4. Providing essential details of your upcoming trip to Germany (e.g., a flight and seat number, date and time of arrival, address for the stay, etc.)
  5. Answer a few health and Covid-19-related questions


Once everything’s completed, check the form thoroughly and look for any possible mistakes, errors, misspellings, or missing information.

If your form is free from any errors, submit it and wait for approval.

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After applying

Following the submission of the German Digital Registration on Entry is an email containing a PDF confirmation of completing the required form.

Border officials will be checking if travellers who are required to complete the form, have the PDF confirmation (either in electronic or paper form) and do comply with all the Covid-19 entry restrictions applicable upon visiting Germany from a high-risk country.