Passenger Locator Form France

What is the France Passenger Locator Form

The France Passenger Locator Form is an online health and travel declaration that is mandatory for all incoming visitors to France.

The France PLF is part of the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form system, making the form easily available online.

The French Government requires travellers to provide essential information regarding their planned visit to France, as well as their personal and contact details.

This helps the French authorities in keeping the Covid-19 situation within the country under control since any possible infections can be quickly detected.

Completing the French dPLF takes less than 15 minutes and can be done entirely online with any device connected to the Internet.

Passenger locator form France

Who needs to complete the French dPLF

The French dPLF is required of every incoming visitor to France. Appropriate authorities will be checking if each person crossing the French border has a completed Digital Passenger Locator Form on hand.

You should have a PDF confirmation of the completed form along with your unique QR code ready to be presented upon arrival.

The document can be presented in either paper or digital form.

When should I fill out my French PLF

The French Passenger Locator Form must be filled out before your departure to France. It’s best to complete the dPLF within 72 hours of the planned arrival.

Filling out the Passenger Locator Form appropriately ahead of time of the planned departure allows the French Government to process your application and send the PDF confirmation on time.

Useful tip: before completing the form, make sure that you have all of the required details (especially travel-related details) and documents to be able to fill out the PLF correctly.

france passenger locator form

How to fill out the French Passenger Locator Form

Travellers can easily complete the French Passenger Locator Form online by providing the required data using any device connected to the internet.

Complete the dPLF for France online within 3 business days of your planned departure to receive your confirmation and QR code on time.

Information to provide in the French dPLF:

  • Personal information (such as name, surname, address of stay in the traveller’s home country, etc.)
  • Contact details (email address and traveller’s phone number)
  • Travel details (date of arrival, flight and seat numbers, address of the stay in France, etc.)
  • Travel companion details
  • Emergency contact information


Make sure that the information you provide is free from any errors to be able to cross the French border as smoothly as possible.

Completed forms should then be submitted for processing.

France locator form

After applying

After completing the French dPLF, travellers receive PDF confirmations of filling out the Passenger Locator Form via email.

After receiving the PDF confirmation, it’s best to download it and print it out for the planned trip to France.

French border control authorities will be checking if travellers have either paper or electronic confirmations of having completed dPLFs when crossing the country’s border.

TIP: Check if your form contains error-free data and a QR code since these details will be checked upon arrival.